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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Google+ as Social Media for your Enterprise?

Google launched its potential "Facebook killer" yesterday. It is taking the invite only approach for now (wise due to issues with the Buzz launch last year). I keyed into Google+'s potential for Google Apps and the usability of this social media app within an organization. Without getting into all the collaborative and communication and info sharing goodness that social media brings, Google may have be onto something that no other social media solution can even comprehend.

Most organizations now understand the the power of social media. Some use it for customer outreach, others use it internally, while others may do both. Google Apps states 3 million businesses are using its solution and they recently opened all Google products to Google Apps deployments. It only makes sense that Google+ will eventually be available to organizations. For example, Montana may get an out of the box social media solution soon. Couple this Android and iOS apps as well as dead simple ease of use and you have a winner.

Time will tell. Imagine the possibilities for "enterprises" large and small across Google Apps' current and future customer base?  No other social media product or enterprise solution provides what Google Apps may very well be providing in the very near future.

UPDATE - 8July2011:

Just read a 5July post from the guys at Google Operating System. Seems Google+ (and necessarily Profiles) is on the way for Google Apps domains. Google is unto something big here.

Google Operating System is a rock solid source for news / updates.
Check them out on twitter as well: @googleos

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