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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bits: Cloud Storage, RSS

  1. Cloud Storage: These days cloud computing is all the rage within DOD IT and rightfully so. Access to the same info from multiple devices - anytime, anywhere - always in sync. We are all familiar with web apps for various capabilities such as email, calendar, social media and even banking. One critical capability for End-Users to fully employ the cloud is file storage and I do not mean a wiki or SharePoint Portal type of application. I mean full on file storage and sync - a capability whereas End-Users may work with their files as intended on a local device and sync via the cloud to other devices. Any enterprise worth its salt and wishing full adoption must allocate "cloud drive space" for users and make this capability available. Bliss for End-Users is local storage (for times when there is zero connectivity), web based editing and web access to files. Examples include Live Mesh, Syncplicity, Memeo Connect and even Offisync.
  2. RSS Reader: Where do I start with RSS and RSS Readers? I once said this was how one could control information, make information work for you (instead of you working for it) and I am sticking to that. Numerous web apps, blogs, maps, alerts, update notifications, invites - End-Users need a tool to provide a capability to funnel notifications and info to a single interface for ingestion and re-distribution (the Inbox is not the place). GeoRSS is also on the rise (but thats a discussion for another time). Secure enterprises, such as AKO/DKO need to address this and provide a web based open and secure authenticated feed capability. Google Reader is the preeminent web based reader and may be synced with 3rd party desktop and mobile apps (RSS via Outlook and IE is pitiful). Once End-Users realize the benefits of RSS, there is no turning back. Even though NEC (DOIM) may be blocking this link for many of you, check out my brief on RSS from 2008 for some visuals - its old, but still holds true.

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