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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bits: Google Voice, milSuite, DCO

  1. Google Voice: Part of the Army CIO/G6 enterprise strategy is to provide End-Users a single email address AND phone number. Check out Google Voice to see what that capability may be like - sign up is open to everyone now.
  2. milSuite: Social Media (SM) has changed the communications landscape and the US Army is leading the DOD to operationalize SM via the milSuite capability from PEO-C3T MilTech Solutions. You like Facebook, Wikipedia and Blogs? Check out milSuite. Rumor has it: milSuite may go Joint and may be adding milTube in the future - its already a killer capability. AKO/DKO Login required.
  3. Defense Connect Online (DCO): Enterprise version of Adobe Connect web-conferencing via AKO/DKO (another MilTech Solutions service) has been around since Button 1 and 2. There are currently a lot of stand-alone Connect servers in TOCs, but as the network matures and permeates, more and more users in the tactical environment will be able to access and use DCO proper. AKO/DKO Login and DCO login required. Also try Adobe's commercial light version - Connect Now.

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